Dr. Lacey has written, co-authored and edited numerous books, articles, and speeches, many of which are available via the Internet through sources Amazon.com, Bookfinder.com, LibraryThing, and archives that specialize in public education, national and international economic issues, employment, training, foundation grants, tax policy, immigration and related government programs.

The following list offers examples of Dr. Lacey's diverse fields of expertise and illustrates his writing style.  A complete list of his publications is available on request.

Public Testimony

Testimony before the House Committee on Ways and Means, March, 1993, following President William Clinton's Proposals for Public Investment and Deficit Reduction (as Executive Director, National Employment Opportunities Network), urging renewal of the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit., pp. 1713-1715, Government Printing Office.

Principal Author

Learning By Doing: Panasonic Partnerships and Systemic School Reform, St. Lucie Press (co-author with Clark, Terry)

Building the Watertable of Youth Employment: Collaboration to Support Children and Youth At Risk Between Ages Nine and Fifteen. National Commission for Employment Policy

The Private Sector Youth Connection: School to Work, with Henrietta Schilit, Vocational Foundation, Inc.

Seeing With Feeling: Film in the Classroom, W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia,  This paperback book continues to be cited in references to film and teaching, In Education Notes (Dec., 2007, University of Toronto), Vesilin Jungic, professor at Simon Fraser University writes ("Math Girl Begins") "The real issue is the question asked by Richard A. Lacey in Seeing with Feeling: Film in the Classroom: 'What to do when the lights go on?' Reading the available literature does not lead to any universal answer to Lacey's question."


Left-Handed Fastballers: Scouting and Training America's Grassroots Leaders, 1966-1977, based on a study for the Ford Foundation by David Nevin, The Ford Foundation

World Economic Development:1979 and Beyond,  Herman Kahn, (William Morrow)

School Power,Implications of an Intervention Project, James Comer.The Free Press (Simon and Schuster)

Foreign State Enterprise: AThreat to American Business, by Douglas F.Lamont (Basic Books)