Corporate, government , education and nonprofit decision makers think and solve problems differently.  They speak different languages!

Which language do you speak? 

Dr. Lacey is fluent in all of these specialized languages. He knows all of the mindsets because he's had years of experience in these worlds.

That's why Dr. Lacey can translate among diverse players to help you find common ground and achieve mutual goals.

Dr. Lacey advises corporate leaders, approaches government agencies and assists non-profit institutions and organizations. All parties join in tapping maximum available financial incentives and rewards, cutting red tape, and obtaining little-known resources to attain mutually beneficial outcomes.  

Dr. Lacey will help you: 
  • Obtain foundation and government grants and contracts.
  • Identify and secure under-utilized resources such as federal tax credits and initiatives in Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities.
  • Seek out and use fresh ways to harvest  financial and human resources.
Dr. Lacey's background and capabilities:
  • Program officer, consultant, and grantee: 10 foundations, including Ford, Exxon, Edna McConnell Clark, Needmor, DeWitt-Wallace Reader's Digest, Gund, Hazen . . ,
  • Consultant, writer and policy analyst, U.S. Departments of Labor, Justice, and Education;
  • Co-Founder, Hearth Management Group, fast-growth management services firm, grew from 2 to 450+ employees, approximately 400 corporate clients.
  • Author and editor, books and articles on federal tax credits, education, employment and training.
Writing/Editorial Services Prepares corporate white papers and position papers. 
  • Evaluates organizations, programs and missions
  • Redesigns plans, proposals and financial strategies. 
  • Pursues financial support for non-profit projects in education, training, employment and government relations.  

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